About us

We work with entities engaged in economic activities and individual clients across the country and abroad. We provide comprehensive services both as a single legal assistance.


Many years experience

Since its incorporation in 1998, the Law Office operated as a general partnership under the following business name: Kancelaria Radców Prawnych "Consilio et Prudentia" Jacek Ciepluch & Andrzej Majewski. Currently we act as a law firm "Prudentia" by Andrzej Majewski and Ewelina Krzyżańska associated with the company since 2006.

Using the experience gained over the years, today we represent individual clients in civil cases (ownership, inheritance matters, labor law and insurance, so financial as well as personal and property) and criminal (both as a defender, as well as after the accuser).

A permanent branch of our activity is legal assistance in the field of family law, in particular in divorces, affairs regarding maintenance claims and division of property.

For business clients, we provide regular legal services and services relating to structural transformations, creation of subsidiaries, recovery and insolvency proceedings. The multiannual contacts with coworkers from Switzerland,  Liehtenstein and the United Kingdom allow us to provide a wider range of solutions from a foreign area of law.

Our history

We have built our experience starting from specialization in personal and property insurance. One of our first long-term client was PZU S.A. In the first year of our activity, we also started cooperation with the client from the fuel industry - Statiol Poland.


Since 1999, we have expanded our offer with support for financial insurance, bank guarantees and debt trading market. We focused on representing clients in disputes with insurers and started cooperation with TUiR Cigna STU (currently: InterRisk Vienna Insurance Group). In the following years we gained new clients from the automotive industry. We worked for authorized dealers of Audi, VW, Toyota, Fiat, Volvo and Kia.


In response to market needs we have expanded the range of services by legal support for developers (e.g. Nieruchomości Magierowska, Sento, Proxima Service).


Over time, we have acquired experience in representing clients in disputes with tax audit agencies. Through the support for of insurance companies we have learned how to help clients in cases of road accidents. Another success was the effective defense in criminal trials, including the so-called. organized crime.


We always represented individual clients with the utmost care. Experience gained from cooperation with renowned companies allows us to raise standards of provided services.


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